Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memphis Beat starring Jason Lee Premieres Tonight on TNT

To be honest, The Blot has pretty low expectations for TNT’s newest hour long drama Memphis Beat. But while the reviews have only been so-so, I have to give Memphis Beat a shot because it stars one of my favorite actors, Jason Lee. I’ve loved him ever since the former skateboarder first started popping up in director Kevin Smith’s movies, and his NBC comedy My Name Is Earl was one of my favorite comedies of the ‘00s.

Memphis Beat Season 1 One Sheet Television Poster
Memphis Beat centers on Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee), a quirky Memphis police detective with an intimate connection to the city, a passion for blues music and a close relationship with his mother. He is "the keeper of Memphis," a Southern gentleman who is protective of his fellow citizens, reverential of the city's history and deeply rooted in its blues music scene. Despite his impeccable instincts as a detective, Dwight's loose, relaxed style of police work rubs his demanding new boss, Lt. Tanya Rice (Alfre Woodard), the wrong way. But Dwight may eventually win her over to a Memphis state of mind, especially when he takes the stage at his favorite hangout to perform a legendary Elvis song or two.

Memphis Beat airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on TNT, and stars Jason Lee, Alfre Woodard, DJ Qualls, Celia Weston, Sam Hennings, Leonard Earl Howze and Abraham Benrubi.
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