Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Threadless RoboCop “RoboCup” T-Shirt

You know, if Threadless hadn’t just released a very similar design (the Ghostbusters inspired “Something Strange, In Your Beverage...”) a few months ago, I’d like this RoboCop t-shirt a lot more. That isn’t to say I don’t like it (because I do), it’s just not all that original because it looks so similar to a previously released design. Regardless, “RoboCup” is a pretty cool t-shirt and I’ll definitely be ordering one sometime soon. I mean who wouldn’t want to drink a hot cup of joe out of a mug of RoboCop’s head?

RoboCup” by Jakub Gruber

Threadless - RoboCop Inspired “RoboCup” T-Shirt by Jakub Gruber
One cool aspect to this tee is that Threadless is releasing it on two different colored shirts! The RoboCop inspired t-shirt “RoboCup” comes printed on a light blue guys t-shirt or a pink girls t-shirt and is currently available for purchase at for $18. The shirt comes in both guys and girls styles, sizes S-2XL.
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