Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mork Custom Mad’l Set (Subber Edition) by MAD

Mork Custom Mad’l Set Subber Edition (Stars, Stripes & Clouds) by MAD

I don’t know what happened, but somehow The Blot forgot to blog about one of my favorite reveals from last week! Lately MAD’s been working on two sets of hand made custom blind boxes, one for his 2008 subbers and one which was pre-sold to collectors. The first set, the Mork Mad’l Subber Edition, was completed last week and shipped out to MAD’s ’08 subbers. Since these were not sold to the general public, all the rest of us can do is look at these photos and drool!

Mork Custom Mad’l Set Subber Edition Cloud Mad'l and Matching Painting by MAD

Each Mork 10” Mad’l was hand painted and assembled by the artist and is limited to just 13 pieces. MAD created three version of his Mork Mad’l (Stars, Stripes and Clouds), and each vinyl figure comes with a matching painting. While I love Mork’s eyebrows, I think the custom zipper is my favorite part of these customs. MAD’s second set of custom blind box Mad’ls will be reportedly finished later this week and mailed out on Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for pics of those custom figures sometime soon!
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