Friday, November 26, 2010

Obey Giant Constructivist Banner Print by Shephard Fairey

Obey Giant “Constructivist Banner“ Black Screen Print by Shephard Fairey

Obey Giant is releasing another interesting propaganda style screen print this Monday entitled “Constructivist Banner.” I feel like Shephard Fairey has really been on his game lately, and a lot of that has to with a return to his classic roots. Then again, you probably have to be a fan of text in your prints to fully appreciate “Constructivist Banner.”

Obey Giant “Constructivist Banner“ Cream Screen Print by Shephard Fairey

“Constructivist Banner” is an 18”x24″ signed and numbered screen print. It comes in two colors schemes, cream & red and black & red, each with a limited edition run size of 350 prints. The prints will retail for $45 and go on sale at the Obey Giant online store this Monday, November 29th, at a random time.
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