Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Star Wars Mini Mighty Muggs vs. Pop! Heroes DC Universe

Has it really been a year and a half since I did my last “vs.” post? Long time readers of The Blot Says… might remember when I wrote up a blog post entitled Mighty Muggs vs. Mez-Itz v s. Mallows comparing the newest super hero themed vinyl figures to hit the market. At the time, most people hadn't seen Mez-Itz or Mallows in person and I thought posting some pics comparing their size and quality to Mighty Muggs would be helpful to collectors interested in ordering some online. Since a lot of people still haven’t seen Funko's new Pop! Heroes vinyl figures in stores yet, I thought I’d do a mini figure “vs.” post comparing them to Hasbro’s Mini Mighty Muggs!

Mini Mighty Muggs vs Pop! Heroes DC Universe - Batman & Boba Fett

As you can tell in these photos, the Pop! Heroes are a good inch, if not more, taller than the Mini Mighty Muggs. The Pop! Heroes figures sculpts are also much more detailed than MMM, which is cool if you really like the characters Funko has made, but makes them not very good platform toys for customizing. On the other hand, Mini Mighty Muggs are everything you loved about Mighty Muggs but smaller. They have 5 points of articulation (versus Pop! Heroes 1 solitary neck joint) and also have a kung-fu grip left hand perfect for holding homemade weapons.

Mini Mighty Muggs vs Pop! Heroes DC Universe - Batman & Boba Fett

To me, Hasbro does a great job with both sizes of Mighty Muggs. The paint job on each figure is clean and the over-all quality control of these Mini Mighty Muggs is great. Funko however, still needs to refine their QC as the paint applications could be much crisper. As I mentioned previously, I am also not a big fan of how these Pop! Heroes figures’ heads are connected to their body. But they are definitely superior to the vinyl dreck DC Direct put out last year (Uni-Formz and Blammoids! specifically).

Mini Mighty Muggs vs Pop! Heroes DC Universe - Hellboy, Batman, Boba Fett & Shockwave

Ultimately, both lines of mini figures are a great size for display and have great price points for collectors on a budget! I will definitely be buying more Pop! Heroes DC Universe and Star Wars Mini Mighty Muggs in the future.
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