Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seeker Tanks and Mini Patty Power & Cosmic Hobo Van Resin Figures by Arbito

Hand Painted Mini Patty Power Resin Figures by Arbito

This Friday, Arbito will be releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 all new sets of resin figures at his online store. First up is The Blot’s personal favorite, a set of 1.25” Mini Patty Power resin figures. Each one of the six resin Patty Power figures seen above is a hand painted and numbered one of a kind figure. To date, this is the fourth version of Arbito’s far out hamburger and is definitely a must get! For those keeping track, the first three were the OG 6” resin Patty, the Super7 Monster Family vinyl Patty and the mini Patty Power eraser.

Hand Painted Seeker Tanks and Seeker Resin Figures by Arbito

Next up are Arbito’s hand crafted resin Seeker Tanks that originally debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Each of the five Seeker Tanks in this set has rolling rubbery tires, twin eyeball cannons, and a custom mini Seeker resin figure in the driver’s seat. These killer looking tanks are all hand painted one of a kind figures that would be excellent editions to any fan’s collection.

Hand Painted Mini Cosmic Hobo Van Resin Figures by Arbito

Last but not least is an all new four figure set of Mini Cosmic Hobo Van resin figures. Each one of a kind mini Cosmic Hobo Van is 1.5 inches long and comes hand painted by Arbito. The Patty Power and Cosmic Hobo Van mini figures will retail for around $25 each, while the Seeker Tanks will probably retail for around $150. All 15 of the resin figures seen above will go on sale in Arbito’s online store this Friday, January 21st, at 12 noon PST.
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