Monday, February 14, 2011

Green Lantern G'Hu Movie Action Figure

Green Lantern Classics Wave 2 - G'Hu Green Lantern Movie Action Figure

After months of speculation, Mattel has finally unveiled who the mystery action figure is in its upcoming Green Lantern Classics Wave 2. This Green Lantern movie specific action figure is none other than Green Lantern G’Hu of Space Sector 2937. Why Warner Bros and DC Comics decided to include this relatively new and unknown character in the live action GL movie is beyond me (although he does look pretty cool), but what is really surprising is Mattel thought this is the movie specific action figure they should release in GLC Wave 2.

To me this is just another example of why Marvel does movies and toys better. There are a million members of the Green Lantern Corps, and G’Hu is the first movie related action figure Mattel wants to release? It just makes no sense! I could list a ton of awesome alien Green Lanterns I’d love to see in the movie and released as an action figure…and yet we get G’Hu who’s not even in my top 50.

Green Lantern Classics Wave 2 action figures are scheduled to arrive in stores in April 2011, but you can preorder the Green Lantern G’Hu action figure now from Entertainment Earth for $16.99 here.
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