Friday, February 11, 2011

“Reject” Dumny Bootleg Dunnys by Sucklord

“Reject” Dumny Bootleg Dunnys by Suckadelic

Earlier this week the Sucklord released five one-off or "Reject" versions of his popular Dumny resin figure. Each of these awesome bootleg Dunnys comes wearing the Sucklord’s trademark cape and is cast in multiple colors. Some have glitter or translucent bodies, while others feature paint splatter stylings. But what The Blot really likes the most about these figures is the cool stratified effect with two different colors of resin the Sucklord used on these figures' heads.

Made by in Suckadelic’s Chinatown factory, these one of kind “Reject” Dumny colorways are currently available on the Sucklord eBay store. Unfortunately these are all up auction style and not available via “Buy It Now.” There are over 3 days left and all five figures are currently selling for around $20-30 each. Good luck bidding!
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