Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes February 2011 Releases

Does Johnny Cupcakes ever sleep? Even after releasing a slew of Valentine’s Day 2011 t-shirts just a couple of weeks ago and prepping his new retail location in London, he still finds time to randomly release an all new batch of clothing! Check out the new “Original Recipe,” “Cupcake Crook” and "Super Delivery Truck" t-shirts, and the new red Crest Pullover, all available now at the Johnny Cupcakes online store.

Johnny Cupcakes February 2011 Releases - Original Recipe & Cupcake Crook T-Shirts

Johnny Cupcakes February 2011 Releases - Super Delivery Truck T-Shirt & Crest Pullover

All of the Johnny Cupcakes t-shirts above come in guys and girls sizes and retail for $35.99 each, while the hoody retails for $64.99.You can also purchase the Super Deliver Truck tee in kids sizes for $25.99.
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