Thursday, February 24, 2011

Loyal K.N.G. Winter 2010 Collection

Loyal K.N.G. Clothing Brand Banner

If you love pop culture as much as The Blot, then I suggest you check out the awesome t-shirts and hoodies from Texas indie clothing brand Loyal K.N.G. (Knowledge Never Goes)! I first learned about the talented artists that make up Loyal K.N.G. a few months ago, and finally got to meet them at the H-Town Sneaker Summit a few weeks ago. They have really mastered the art of taking pop culture icons and turning them on their head in fun designs (take for instance their “Ghostly DOOM!” design, which features a mash-up of Casper the Friendly Ghost and rapper MFDoom).

Loyal K.N.G. Winter 2010 Collection - United Monsters & Daft Bomb T-Shirts
Click on the photo above for a more detailed look
Earlier this week Loyal K.N.G. officially released their Winter 2010 collection, which I got to see in person at the aforementioned H-Town Sneaker Summit. It’s made up of four unique designs, each featuring some pop culture heavyweights. “Warriors,” The Blot’s favorite of the four new designs, reimagines the Scott Pilgrim crew as The Warriors gang from the 1979 film of the same name. “United Monsters” depicts everyone's favorite monster Godzilla with his friends and foes setting aside their differences in a united monster effort.

Loyal K.N.G. Winter 2010 Collection - Warriors & Bad Apple T-Shirts
Click on the photo above for a more detailed look
Next up is Loyal K.N.G.’s “Bad Apple” t-shirt. The apple is an iconic fruit; it's been labeled as the fruit of knowledge, the forbidden fruit, and is commonly used in combination with poison to send princesses into a deep sleep, however at Loyal K.N.G. their apples are dope fresh! Last but not least is the killer Daft Punk x Super Mario Bros mash-up “Daft Bomb.” Loyal K.N.G. are huge Daft Punk fans, and they pay tribute to the French duo with this illustration featuring Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter riding a Bullet Bill, the missile-like enemy of Mario and Lugi.

All four of the designs above come in multiple colors and styles, including t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. They range in price from $30-60 each, and can be purchased directly from Loyal K.N.G. at their online store. But act fast, because colors and sizes are selling out quickly, and once these limited edition t-shirts and hoodies are sold out they’ll be gone forever!
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