Friday, February 25, 2011

Steamboat Willie Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Check out this awesome "Steamboat Willie" screen print by Tom Whalen and the fine folks at Mondo Tees. First Star Trek, then Star Wars and now…Disney! Is there anyone Mondo isn’t working with? Signing licensing deals with Lucas and Disney are really about as big as it gets, and I can’t wait to see what Mondo has in store for us next.

Mondo Tees - Steamboat Willie Disney Screen Print by Tom Whalen

As you are probably already aware, Steamboat Willis is a historic cartoon because it features the first ever appearance of Mickey Mouse! The animated short first debuted on November 18, 1928 and also featured Peg-Leg Pete and Minnie Mouse, both of which are featured with Mickey in the poster seen above. The Blot’s been unable to find out if this print is being released in conjunction with a Steamboat Willie screening at the Alamo Drafthouse or if this is the 1st in a new series of Disney screen prints by Mondo. But I’ll be sure to post more info as soon as it becomes available.

Steamboat Willie” by Tom Whalen is an 18"x24" four color screen print on light grey stock with metallic inks. This print has a limited edition run size of 200 pieces and will retail for $40 each. “Steamboat Willie” goes on sale at a random time today, Friday, February 25th, at the Mondo online store. A variant of this print will be sold by Sideshow Collectibles at a later date.
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