Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Second Look: Android Series 02 by Doktor A, Jeff Yaksick & Google, Inc.

Android Series 02 - Rupture Vinyl Figure by Doktor A

Yesterday, Andrew Bell released a second sneak preview of his upcoming Android Series 02, and it included a design by none other than Doktor A! Not only that, but his Android would feature his uber-popular Rupture design. The Blot’s got a feeling this little tidbit of information just made Android Series 02 even harder to get your hands on. The second three designs unveiled are Rupture by Dok A (ratio: 1/16), Racer by Jeff Yaksick for the Android Team (1/16) and Bluebot by Google, Inc. (2/16).

Android Series 02 - Bluebot Vinyl Figure by Google, Inc.

Android Series 02 - Racer Vinyl Figure by Jeff Yaksick for the Android Team

We also learned there will only be four 2/16 ratio designs in Series 02. This means that in any full case you'll end up with 12 different designs in total, unlike Series 01 where you would end up with only 10! Series 02 will be hitting the Dead Zebra shop, brick and mortar stores and online retailers in early March 2011.
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