Friday, March 18, 2011

Convention Exclusive White Lantern Batman & White Lantern Flash Action Figures

Convention Exclusive White Lantern Batman & White Lantern Flash Brightest Day Action Figures by DC Direct & Graphitti Designs

Looking to complete your collection of DC Direct Brightest Day/Blackest Night action figures? Well then, you’d better make sure you attend C2E2 or WonderCon this year, because these conventions will serve as the only places where you can purchase these awesome two exclusives from DC Comics, DC Direct and Graphitti Designs: White Lantern Batman and White Lantern Flash! The Blot hasn’t been keeping up with Brightest Day, but I’ve got to imagine Batman and Flash will be playing a huge role in the bi-monthy series’ endgame.

At each convention only 1,000 of each action figure will be made available for purchase at the Graphitti Designs booth (Booth 717 at C2E2 and Booth 201 at WonderCon). To get these awesome Brightest Day
White Lantern action figures you must first get a wristband that will then give you the opportunity to buy one of each character for $20 each.
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