Monday, March 28, 2011

Fur Face Boy Series 4 T-Shirt Collection

Fur Face Boy Series 4 T-Shirt Collection - FFB Seal & Mega FFB T-Shirts

Fur Face Boy is in the process of retiring his fourth series of t-shirts, and The Blot thought I should highlight this awesome collection of designs before the shirts were all sold out. You see, once a FFB shirt is retired and gone, it’s gone forever. So if you see a design here you really like, you’d better head over to the Fur Face Boy online store and pick one up.

Fur Face Boy Series 4 T-Shirt Collection - FFB Lumberjack & FFB Script T-Shirts

The Blot first found out about Fur Face Boy a few months ago and I instantly fell in love with his pop culture inspired designs, especially some of his early comic book logo tees (check out Series 2 and 3 for those). What’s even cooler is FFB is a fellow Texan who’s located in Dallas. There’s definitely a little something for everyone in Series 4, which includes a Mickey Mouse inspired FFB design, a Nirvana tribute tee and a t-shirt featuring Mega Man Fur Face Boy style!

Fur Face Boy Series 4 T-Shirt Collection - Classic FFB & Angel Bear Mai T-Shirts

The Blot was bummed I didn’t get to meet Ha, the mastermind behind the Fur Face Boy brand, when I hit up the FFB booth at the H-Town Sneaker Summit a few months ago. He was off eating lunch at the time, but at least I got to snag some FFB tees. The Mega Man shirt in all its 8-bit glory is a personal favorite of mine.

Fur Face Boy Series 4 T-Shirt Collection - Smells Like FFB & Private FFB T-Shirts

As I mentioned above, FFB Series 4 is being retired to make way for Series 5, and to celebrate that fact all tees are currently on sale at the Fur Face Boy online store for just $19.99 (and sweatshirt are $29.99). To further entice you to pick up some of these awesome tees, Ha has even made all domestic shipping a flat $6 per order no matter how many t-shirts you purchase. It’s a killer deal from a great indie brand, but be sure to act fast as Series 4 will definitely sell out soon!
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