Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Red Lantern Guy Gardner Action Figure

Green Lantern Series 4 by DC Direct - Red Lantern Guy Gardner Action Figure

As you all know, The Blot’s a huge fan of DC ComicsBlackest Night storyline and its subsequent toy line by DC Direct. So while The Blot is really excited DC Direct chose to release a Red Lantern Guy Gardner, I am surprised they decided to do so as a part of its Green Lantern series of action figures instead of its Blackest Night line. Why does it matter? It probably doesn’t unless you display your figures in their packaging (which I don’t), but I just like the idea of a Red Lantern Guy released as part of the Blackest Night line. Then again, the way the DC Universe is going, pretty soon everything will be released under the banner of “Green Lantern.”

Red Lantern Guy Gardner stands 6.75" tall and comes packaged in a 4 color clamshell blister card. This rage filled figure goes on sale November 2, 2011 and will retail for around $18.
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