Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LOST James “Sawyer” Ford & Juliet Burke 8" Mego Style Action Figures

The Blot’s been putting off blogging about Series 3 of Bif Bang Pow!’s line of mego-style 8” LOST action figures for a while now. Why you might ask? Because I’ve been waiting for final pictures of the new figures’ head sculpts. Series 1 and 2 turned out so poorly I wanted to see how Big Bang Pow! corrected things, and it looks like not all that well. It’s such a disappointment too, because their LOST bobble heads are awesome and the idea of LOST Mego style figures had me really excited.

LOST James 'Sawyer' Ford & Juliet Burke 8 Inch Mego Style Action Figures by Big Bang Pow!

The first LOST Series 3 set includes Dharma Security James “Sawyer” Ford and 1970’s Juliet Burke. These two figures are scheduled to come out in July 2011, but I’ve been told if presales aren’t stronger Series 3 may not go into production. So if you love LOST and enjoy these Mego style figures, head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order them today!

Both LOST Mego style action figures feature fabric clothing and multiple points of articulation, making these 8 inch Saywer and Juliet action figures incredibly lifelike. The figures come individually packaged, but can be preordered as a set for $37.99 from Entertainment Earth here.
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