Monday, February 28, 2011

Super Friends Action Figures - DC Universe Classics Wave 18

Mattel announced its eighteenth (yes 18th!) wave of DC Universe Classics action figures at Toy Fair 2011, and this wave has long time DC Comics fans very, very excited! It’s because DCUC Wave 18 is comprised almost entirely of characters from the uber-popular 1980’s Super Friends cartoon. Wave 18 includes Super Friends characters Black Vulcan, Samurai, El Dorado and Apache Chief (the Collect and Connect figure). We also get a Toyman action figure based on the villain’s look from the Super Friends cartoon and two of The Blot’s favorite Suicide Squad members: Bronze Tiger in his classic look (with a swappable unmasked head) and Captain Boomerang in his new look from Brightest Day.

To be honest, after the release of the Super Friends JLU 3-pack, which included Black Vulcan, Samurai and Apache Chief, I honestly did not expect Mattel to include these forgotten characters in its DCUC line as well. It seemed like Mattel was using its DCUC line to bring back DC’s other popular 1980’s cartoon/toy line, the Super Powers collection. Boy was I wrong and thankfully so! I’ve got a feeling Wave 18 is going to be highly sought after by collectors new and old, so if you see these figures pop up at your local toy stores grab them while you can!

DC Universe Classics Super Friends Wave 18 is scheduled to hit stores sometime in July 2011. Each figure will retail for around $17 and all 6 action figures can currently be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth here.
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