Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Oven Fresh Dreams x Nick Automatic “The Art & The Bake” T-Shirt

Oven Fresh Dreams: The Collaborate & Dream Series V - The Art & The Bake by Nick Automatic

Last weekend, Carlos J. EasyBake of Oven Fresh Dreams released the fifth installment of his "Collaborate & Dream" t-shirt series. This shirt features artwork by the very talented Pilipino designer Nicolo Nimor of the clothing brand Nick Automatic. This is the second OFD x Nick Automatic t-shirt and one of my favorites in the “Collaborate & Dream” series. Tell me where else can you find a killer t-shirt that features two talented creators in its design!

The Art & The Bake” t-shirt is a duel release, with 35 t-shirts available in the US directly from Carlos through the Oven Fresh Dreams online store and 70 t-shirts available worldwide through the Nick Automatic online store as a part of Nick’s winter collection. This awesome t-shirt retails for $24.99 and select sizes have already sold out, so grab yours today!
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