Tuesday, April 19, 2011

African Minigod 20” Dunny by Marka27

Kidrobot - African Minigod 20 Inch Dunny and Shadow Serpent Variant 8 Inch Dunny by Marka27

The Blot’s going to try to keep this post short, because anything I could write would do this amazing custom by Marka27 an injustice. This 20” Dunny is just plain incredible! Marka created the custom above for his signing at Kidrobot NY this Thursday to promote the release of his first 8” Dunny, the Shadow Serpent. The 20" African Minigod Dunny was inspired by African warriors and African face masks, and can be seen at Marka’s signing on Thursday, April 20th, from 6-8pm at Kidrobot NY.

Kidrobot - African Minigod 20 Inch Dunny by Marka27

For those custom aficionados, this 20" custom feature features 4 full range Sony speakers, hand sculpted details, pyramid studs, leather bands with brass spikes, a skull necklace and feathers. It was created with acrylics and spray paint, with a clear varnish finish.
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