Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini Elemental Slug Resin Figures by Redline Toy Company

Redline Toy Company - Mini Elemental Slug Resin Figures by Travers Cooke

The Blot recently discovered Redline Toy Company on Twitter and was shocked to learn this fledgling resin toy studio was also based in Houston, Texas! The Blot’s always excited about meeting new artists, especially when they live in my own backyard. RTC’s first release is the Mini Elemental Slug resin figure by Travers Cooke. There are 5 hand painted Slug colorways in all, with each color based on one of the five elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Wood & Metal.

Redline Toy Company - Mini Elemental Slug Resin Figures by Travers Cooke

According to Travers, “the Slugs are hidden inhabitants. They corrode and decompose all that they touch. When they consume something their bodies create a chemical reaction that removes all of their respective element from said object. They consume everything and their only nemesis is Zako of Creation,” who also happens to be RTC’s next scheduled release.

The Mini Elemental Slugs by Travers Cooke go on sale this Wednesday, April 20th, at 1:00pm CDT at the Redline Toy Company online store. RTC has produced 8 Slugs in each colorway, for a limited edition run size of 40 figures in total. Each slug will retail for $7, or you can pick up the entire five Slug set for $25.
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