Friday, April 22, 2011

Kaiju for Japan Fundraiser Goes Live Today!

Kaiju for Japan Earthquake Relief Fundraiser

There are some really big things going on in the world of designer toys today! If you live in the New York area, you can hit up Toy Street at 268 Mulberry Street, but the event I’ve really been looking forward to is the Kaiju for Japan fundraiser organized by Troy Stith. Some of the biggest names in the toy game have donated rare toys, one offs and customs to be sold later today, with all proceeds from the Kaiju for Japan sale donated to the Red Cross Earthquake/Tsunami Relief Fund.

Here are the details on the Kaiju for Japan Sale: the sale goes live today, Friday, April 22nd, at 4:00pm EST. Many of the items are still unknown, but from what I’ve seen there is some crazy good stuff for sale. The sale will be taking place at the Gorilla Mouth online store, which won’t go live until 4pm, so warm up your F5 keys and start refreshing now! How many opportunities do you get to buy toys all in the name of raising funds for a good cause?
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