Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ghost Robot Resin Figures by Cris Rose

Ghosts Robot Resin Figures by Cris Rose

Cris Rose has taken his robot resin figures to the next level with his all new (and all clear) Ghost Robots! Made entirely of clear resin, this is not an edition, nor are they high volume, numbered or centered around any specific robot style. Because of how tough these clear Ghost Robots are to make, Cris will only be producing these in very small numbers, and like all Ghosts do, will be randomly appearing on his online store.  The Blot loves clear resin, and these all new Ghost Robots look pretty awesome! Just look at all the details in their clear little bodies.

Radcliffe's Ghost Resin Figure by Cris Rose

Rotund's Ghost Resin Figure by Cris Rose

So, if you happen to be on Cris’ online store and you spy a Ghost, act quickly because you know Ghosts disappear just as quickly as they appear! Ghosts come and go without warning, without reason and without pattern, don't try and preempt one appearing, you'll probably be wrong... happy hunting ghostbusters!
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