Thursday, May 19, 2011

Threadless Doctor Who T-Shirt "Doctor-Hoo"

Threadless Doctor Who T-shirt “Doctor-Hoo” by Mallory Dyer

Doctor-Hoo by Mallory Dyer

I think it’s safe to say the Doctor Who craze is officially sweeping across America! What was once considered here in the US as just an obscure sci-fi show from Britain, Doctor Who has become a full fledged pop culture phenomenon. Threadless’ first Doctor Who inspired t-shirt is entitled “Doctor-Hoo,” and reimagines all 11 doctors as, you guessed it, owls! The artist really did a great job with this design, as each owl really looks like the actor it’s based on. And I love the way they incorporated Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor’s signature scarf into the image. It really ties the whole tree limb together.

The Threadless Doctor Who t-shirt “Doctor-Hoo” comes printed on a light blue t-shirt and is currently available at on sale for $12 (regularly priced $22). The shirt comes in both guys and girls styles, sizes S-2XL.
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