Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Johnny Cupcakes Operation Board Game Inspired T-Shirt

Johnny Cupcakes Operation Crossbones T-Shirt

For his latest Cupcake and Crossbones design, Johnny Cupcakes drew inspiration from the classic battery-operated Milton Bradley board game Operation! So now the question is, can you remove the JC Cupcake and Crossbones logo from Cavity Sam without setting off his red light bulb nose? Whatever you do, make sure you don’t touch the sides! The Blot loves classic board games and this tee definitely brings back some crazy memories…I never could win with those little freaking tweezers.

Board Game Inspired Johnny Cupcakes Operation Crossbones Guys & Girls T-Shirts

The board game inspired Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt "Operation" retails for $35.99 and comes in guys sizes S-3XL and girls sizes S-LX. Order one today from the Johnny Cupcakes online store!
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