Tuesday, May 10, 2011

King Jinx Resin Figures by Paul Kaiju

Mixed Parts King Jinx Resin Figures by Paul Kaiju

Is it just me, or is Paul Kaiju constantly pushing the boundaries of resin? Paul recently unveiled his newest resin figure, King Jinx, and The Blot can’t get over all of the little details Paul included in the sculpt…and don’t even get me started on how cool it is that he included real working joints in King Jinx’ pinchers! Some of the King Jinx figures seen here will be available in the Paul Kaiju online store very soon, including the Mixed Parts King Jinx resin figure, which is limited to just 4 pieces.

King Jinx Red and Green Resin Figures by Paul Kaiju

King Jinx Resin Figures by Paul Kaiju

King Jinx Secret Origin: King Jinx was summoned from the “Hollow Earth HELL Trench” by the notorious Captain Slugbeard! This giant creature has the ability to create and command thick PHANTOM fog, enveloping ships en route to major ports. It utilizes the powerful “Cobra Flash” on its forehead to send false Lighthouse warnings and scramble the ship’s communications and radar equipment while they are enveloped in the thick PHANTOM fog. Confused, the ships are destined for destruction where King Jinx can feast upon the helpless crews and steal valuable cargo to fill the evil Captain Slugbeard’s ever-hungry treasure vaults hidden on the dark side of New Catalina Atoll!
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