Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super7 10th Anniversary Lucky Bags

Super7 10th Anniversary 2011 Lucky Bag Teaser Image

Super7 will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary this Saturday with it's yearly Lucky Bag release! If you're not familiar with S7's Lucky Bag, just know this...they're awesome! And since this is the company's 10th Anniversary you know these LBs will be even more spectacular than ever before. In fact, rumor has it no 2 Lucky Bags will be the same!

Super7 10th Anniversary 2011 Lucky Bag Teaser Image

Each Super7 10th Anniversary Lucky Bags will be sold blind box style and include seven mystery figures. Each bag will contain a unique combination of production pieces, samples, monsters, unpainted figures, hand painted figures (HPs), one-offs, and so much more! What could be in the 2011 Super7 Lucky Bags??? Put on your detective hats and examine the two teaser images very carefully. Any ideas?

The 2011 10th Anniversary Super7 Lucky Bags will retail for $275 each and go on sale at the Super7 anniversary party this Saturday, May 14th. Any remaining bags will go on sale at Super7Store.com and select specialty stores nationwide sometime soon thereafter.
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