Monday, June 20, 2011

Bits n Bytes Resin Figures "Goldfish Bowl" Palette by Cris Rose

Bits n Bytes Resin Figures Goldfish Bowl Palette by Cris Rose

The first official release of Cris Rose’s new Bits n Bytes mini resin figures arrives this week in the first of many colorful Palettes. This week’s release has been dubbed the "Goldfish Bowl" palette, which comes from the oranges of Goldfish, the turquoise blues of water, and the lush greens of the Goldfish's waterplant surroundings. This Bits n Bytes release includes 6 Sprogs (these are the Bits) and 2 versions of Rotund (the Bytes). Each 1/24th scale robot comes in a solid colored resin, with 6 colors in total. Don’t they all look pretty freaking sweet!?!

The Bits n Bytes Goldfish Bowl Palette is scheduled to go on sale tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st, at 18:00 London time at Cris Rose’s online store. If you buy a pack containing a "Full Set" you are guaranteed one of each sculpt with no doubles. There are also 2 options of 3 packs: the Light Pack consists of the lighter hues, while the Dark Pack consists of the darker Hues. There are 3 Bits per pack and the sculpts are random, but you're guaranteed the 3 different colors.
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