Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brian Flynn’s 40th Birthday Maroon Mummy Boy & Little Prick Vinyl Figures

Brian Flynn’s 40th Birthday Maroon Mummy Boy and Mummy Gator Head

Yesterday was Super7 founder Brian Flynn’s 40th Birthday, and in honor of such an important birthday Super7 released 2 unannounced figures! First up is the limited edition Maroon Mummy Boy with Mummy Gator head. Yes, you read that right…each Maroon Mummy Boy includes a matching and interchangeable Mymmy Gator head. That’s 2 figures for the price of 1!

What’s even crazier than that is Super7 broke with tradition and announced only 40 of these Maroon Mummy Boys had been created (in honor of Flynn’s 40th b-day). Super7 never releases run sizes, so you know this is a big deal! But that’s not all, they also broke the edition into four colorways of 10 pieces each to celebrate S7's own 10th Anniversary! Mind blown yet? That means there are only 10 Maroon Mummy Boys with either baby blue, mint green, pink or orange eyes and a mouth.

Brian Flynn’s 40th Birthday Maroon Little Prick Vinyl Figure

But it doesn’t stop there! These Maroon Mummy Boys also brought a new friend along for the ride…Brian Flynn's newest figure: Little Prick! The 4” Little Prick is the cactus who always leaves the house in clean underwear…pretty awesome, right? Again, only 40 Maroon Little Prick vinyl figures with orange, white and gray sprays were created, but unlike his Mummy Boy counterpart he’s still available at the Super7 online store for $35 each (but will probably sell out quickly). The Maroon Mummy Boy retailed for $60 but sold out within an hour of its release.
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