Friday, June 17, 2011

Green Lantern Movie Masters Action Figures by Mattel

Green Lantern Movie Masters - Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re & Ismot Kol Action Figures

DC ComicsGreen Lantern movie debuts in theaters today and The Blot has absolutely nothing to say about it. Why? I’m more than a little bummed by all the negative reviews. I’ve expected the worst for a while now, but was secretly hoping the film would surpass my expectations. That probably won’t happen, but maybe you can create your own Green Lantern movie (and make a more exciting version to boot) with these Green Lantern Movie Masters action figures by Mattel.

Green Lantern Movie Masters - G'Hu, Abin Sur, Rot Lop Fan, Naut Ke Loi, Kilowog & Green Man Action Figures

Mattel is flooding the market with Green Lantern toys, but the best ones by far are these 6” Movie Masters action figures (basically a spin-off of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics toy line). Green Lantern Movie Masters Wave 1 includes Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, Tomar-Re, Isamot Kol, Naut Ke Loi. Green Lantern Movie Masters Wave 2 includes Sinestro, Rot Lop Fan, a maskless Hal Jordan and Guardian Krona. There’s also the Green Lantern Classics G’Hu, Exclusive Green Man, a Toys R Us Exclusive 2-Pack featuring Hal Jordan and Abin Sur, and San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Exclusive Kilowog.

The Green Lantern Movie Masters action figures and the G’Hu Green Lantern Classics action figure can be purchased for $16.99, while the oversized Exclusive Green Man and the SDCC 2011 Exclusive Kilowog can be purchased for $25 each. Get one now to celebrate the premiere of Warner Bros' Green Lantern, or wait a few weeks when all of these figures (except the 2 exclusives) will be on sale for deep, deep discounts.
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