Monday, June 13, 2011

The HOLE in the Middle Book and 3" Dunny Set by Paul Budnitz & Aya Kakeda

Kidrobot - The HOLE in the Middle 3 Inch Dunny by Aya Kakeda

The HOLE in the Middle, a brand new children’s book by Kidrobot found Paul Budnitz and illustrated by Aya Kakeda, was released last week published by Hyperion Press. To celebrate its release, Paul and Aya will be at Kidrobot New York on June 23rd for an exclusive signing of an extra special bundle that includes the book and a super limited 3 inch Dunny designed by Aya. The festivities will take place from 6-8pm and coincide with the trading party for the new Dunny Series 2011. This extra special The HOLE in the Middle Book and 3” Dunny bundle will cost $40.00 and will also be available June 23rd at all Kidrobot stores and Expect this The HOLE in the Middle set to go quickly as The HOLE in the Middle Dunny is limited to just 200 pieces.  You can also purchase just the book from Amazon here for just $11.32!

The HOLE In The Middle Book by Paul Budnitz and Aya Kakeda

For those of you interested in finding out more about the book, creator Paul Budnitz explains “this is a story about electric guitars, strawberry cake, loneliness, and togetherness. It’s about a boy who felt empty inside, and how he became a good friend and made himself whole again. The HOLE in the Middle has incredible art by Aya Kakeda, and is appropriate for children of all ages (and also for adults who are never quite satisfied with the way things are!).”
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