Friday, June 3, 2011

Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2011 T-Shirt Collection

Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2011 T-Shirt Collection - Super Atama, Monkey KNG, Bat Luchadora & Atamakami T-Shirts

The Blot has been anxiously awaiting the online release of Loyal K.N.G.’s Spring 2011 T-Shirt Collection ever since teaser images of its designs first hit the web weeks ago. Like The Blot, the Loyal K.N.G. crew is crazy about pop culture and it really shows in all of their clothing. What makes this collection extra special is how heavily influenced it is by comic books (and DC Comics at that). In fact, three of the collection’s eight designs pay homage to iconic DC comics Superman, Batman and The Watchmen.

Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2011 T-Shirt Collection - Son of KNG, Final Tales, Atama Love & Champions T-Shirts

The Loyal K.N.G. Spring 2011 Collection also features some killer pop culture mash-ups. “Final Tales” features some of Loyal K.N.G.’s favorite childhood fairy tales into one crazy design. They’ve taken the three little pigs, little red riding hood and the big bad wolf and re-imagined them as if they were characters in the classic video game Final Fantasy. “Bat Luchadora” combines video game Bomber-man with Batman (and Bane), and features a killer lucha libre themed design. For “Son of KNG”, Loyal K.N.G. took Rorschach from The Watchmen and combined him with elements from René Magritte’s “Son of Man” painting for a truly unique design.

Whether you’re a gamer, a comic book junkie, anime fan or self-proclaimed geek, there’s definitely a design for you in Loyal K.N.G.’s Spring 2011 Collection! All eight of the designs above come in multiple colors and styles, including t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. They range in price from $25-60 each, and can be purchased directly from Loyal K.N.G. at their online store. But act fast, because colors and sizes are selling out quickly, and once these limited edition t-shirts and hoodies are sold out they’ll be gone forever!
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