Friday, June 10, 2011

Obey Giant x Mondo “They Live” Screen Print by Shepard Fairey

Obey Giant x Mondo “They Live” Screen Print by Shepard Fairey
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Last night there was an incredible event at Alamo Drafthouse, a screening of the classic John Carpenter movie They Live hosted by Shepard Fairey! By now everyone knows of my love of They Live and Obey Giant, so you can just imagine how desperately I wanted to be at the screening. Sadly, sometimes live gets in the way of the fun stuff. Thankfully Fairey also teamed up with Mondo to create a poster to commemorate the special event! Now we can all pretend we were at the event by hanging one of these bad boys on your wall.

"They Live" by Shepard Fairey is an 18″x24″ screen print and has limited edition run size of 500 prints. The print will retail for $50 and go on sale at a random time today, Friday, June 10th, at the Mondo online store. If for some reason you miss out on today’s drop, fear not! Fairey will be releasing an alternate They Live screen print colorway on at a later date.
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