Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DC Universe Pop! Heroes Wave 3 by Funko

DC Universe Pop! Heroes Wave 3 by Funko - Aquaman, Green Arrow, Two-Face, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman & Captain Marvel Vinyl Figures

The long rumored third wave of Funko’s DC Universe Pop! Heroes vinyl figures has officially been announced and The Blot really loves the lineup: Aquaman, Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Captain Marvel and the villain Two-Face. It is worth noting that the final image for Hawkman has not been released yet, but I assume he is still in production since they skipped number 17 in the numbering of Wave 3’s packaging. Can you say San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive perhaps?!?

DC Universe Pop! Heroes Wave 3 by Funko - Hawkman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Two-Face, Captain Marvel & Martian Manhunter Vinyl Figures

You may also notice some subtle differences between the final versions of these figures and the concept art that was leaked a few months ago. It looks like Funko is already incorporating many of these character’s new looks in the soon to be revamped/rebooted/relaunched DC Universe. For instance, there is now an extra red circle representing Mars in the middle of Martian Manhunter’s chest and Green Arrow had swapped out his old school Robin Hood hat/shirt for his new look Smallville inspired hood. I wonder whatever DCnU changes we will be seeing in Funko’s upcoming releases.

Each DC Universe Pop! Heroes Wave 3 vinyl figure stands 3.75” tall, has a rotating head and comes in a displayable window box. These 6 figures will retail for $9.99 each and are expected to ship sometime in August 2011.
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