Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dead Kenny South Park Mini Figure

Kidrobot - Dead Kenny South Park Mini Figure

Oh my god, Kidrobot killed Kenny! South Park and Kidrobot kick off an awesome new collaboration beginning July 21st. You know Kenny as the poor kid in the group who has died in innumerable ways in South Park’s first five seasons. Sculpted to look every bit the worst for wear, Dead Kenny features exposed brains, bloody ribs, authentic cuts, scratches, and scrapes, and an arm that falls off the bone.

Kidrobot - Dead Kenny South Park Mini Figure and Packaging

Sporting the seriously distressed look befitting a 4th grader who’s died a hell of a lot more than his fair share, Kenny is just the 9 year old to put South Park on the Kidrobot map. Grab this limited edition figure for $10.95 starting July 21st at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com and specialty retailers.
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