Friday, August 5, 2011

Crystal Clear Garuru by Itokin Park

Super7 - Crystal Clear Garuru with Pink and Purple Spray by Itokin Park

Super7 will be releasing an all new colorway of Itokin Parks' Garuru today, and it’s definitely the most stunning version produced to date! The Blot absolutely loves this color scheme, with its bright pink and purple colors on a crystal clear body. I know some dislike crystal clear vinyl because it makes it hard to see the sculpt’s detailing, but the perfectly placed sprays really accentuate Garuru’s intricate design.

Cast in crystal clear vinyl with pink and purple sprays, the sweetly sleepwalking snow creature wanders his way into our hearts, whether he is awake or not. Pick one up this afternoon for $35 at the Super7 online store.
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