Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toy2R 36” Qee Artist Series 2 Jason Freeny Teaser Image

Toy2R 36” Qee Artist Series 2 Teaser Image by Jason Freeny.jpg

Big news yesterday regarding Toy2R and artist extraordinaire Jason Freeny! First up was the announcement that Freeny will one of five artists participating in Toy2R’s upcoming 36 inch Qee Artist Series 2 (see the first 3 teaser images for this series here). Hot on the heels of winning the Best Break Through Artist award at the 2011 Designer Toy Awards, Toy2R is proud to bring this oversized piece to life and offer an amazing collectible for those hardcore Freeny fans.

Jason joins Jon-Paul Kaiser, Emilio Garcia and David Horvath in Toy2R’s 36” Qee Artist Series 2. That just leaves one unknown artist in this exciting project. Any guesses!?! More info to come soon…
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