Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jason Freeny 36” Tongue Tied Qee

Toy2R - Jason Freeny 36” Tongue Tied Qee

The second figure in Toy2R’s upcoming 36" Artist Qee Collection was unveiled yesterday, and it looks like a really fun design. With that being said, here is the first reveal of Jason Freeny’s Tongue Tied Qee in XL scale. Limited to only 36 pieces worldwide, this unique and oversized Qee depicts Jason's artistic nature with humor and style. The Blot was secretly hoping for a 3 foot tall version of Freeny’s Visible Qee (how bad ass would that be!?!), but this design is still pretty cool in its own right. And a 3’ Visible Qee by Freeny would probably retail for even more than this figure’s $2,800 price tag.
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