Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New The Muppets One Sheet Movie Poster

The Muppets Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster.jpg

There are a few reasons I love this new one sheet movie poster for the upcoming live action The Muppets movie, but it really just comes down to one thing. It’s got almost all of the Muppets featured on it! And I really do mean all of the Muppets. Although there were two pretty glaring exclusions: Floyd (the only member of The Electric Mayhem not included) and everyone’s favorite janitor, Beauregard. I can understand Beauregard being left off, but Floyd!?! Inexcusable! Other than that, it’s a pretty cool poster.

Oh yeah, when did WALL-E join The Muppets? It's a good thing Pixar and The Muppets are all owned by Disney now! Muppet domination of the movie theater begins on November 23rd.
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