Friday, August 19, 2011

Swamp Thing Screen Print by Florian Bertmer

Mondo - Swamp Thing Standard Edition Green Screen Print by Florian Bertmer

Mondo continues its Wes Craven Director Series with this beautiful Swamp Thing movie poster by Florian Bertmer. As a huge DC Comics fan I know I am a little biased, but in The Blot’s humble opinion this is the BEST screen print Mondo has released in at least the past year. And that’s saying a lot! Bertmer absolutely killed it with all of the amazing detailing he included in this piece, and I love how he centered the image around this single red flower blossoming out of a vial, symbolizing Alec Holland’s chemically induced rebirth as Swamp Thing. If I thought we had a place to hang this beautiful print, I would already be F5’ing as you read this.

Mondo - Swamp Thing Glow in the Dark Metallic Ink Variant Screen Print by Florian Bertmer

Swamp Thing by Florian Bertmer is a 24”x36” hand numbered screen print. The Standard Green Edition has a limited edition run size of 230 prints and will retail for $45, while the Glow in the Dark Variant features metallic inks, has a limited edition run size of 90 pieces and will retail for $80. Both Swamp Thing movie posters go on sale at the Mondo online store today, Friday, August 19th, at a random time.
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