Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2011 Designer Toy Awards Results and a Big Thank You From The Blot

The 2011 Designer Toy Awards - The Polls Are Open, Vote Today!

You may have noticed has not been as active (or insightful) these past two months. If you don’t follow The Blot on Twitter then you probably weren’t aware that Aly and I bought a house and moved over the summer. It’s been a crazy 8 weeks but we’re finally settled in and enjoying our new home! Of course our move just happened to come during the business time of year for toy news as well and The Blot has fallen seriously behind on some important posts…like this one!

I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you, the readers and friends of for all of your support during the 2011 Designer Toy Awards (albeit a few weeks late)!!! This is honestly one of those times where it really was an honor just to be nominated in the Best Blog category along so many other great bloggers. While I never expected to win (congrats to Andy of Toysrevil on the much deserved award), I was blown away to have made the short list. To me, making the Top 5 was as good as actually winning! It was so cool hearing from fellow collectors around the world who took the time to vote for their favorites in all categories, and especially all of the outpouring of support for my little old toy blog. Thanks again for your support, and in case you missed out on the 2011 DTAs award winner list here it is:

2011 Designer Toy Award Winners

Artist of the Year
Ashley Wood

Toy of the Year
"4ft Companion" by Kaws

Best Blog

Fan Favorite
“Android” by Andrew Bell Best

Online Toy Store

Best Toy Store

Best Collection
Carl "MutonIsMyFriend" Kent-Smith

Best Toy From a Comic
"Kill Audio" by Vinyl Cut

Best DIY Platform
“Mini Munny” by Kidrobot

Most Influential Event
San Diego Comic Con

Manufacturer of the Year

Lifetime Achievement
Michael Lau

Break Through Artist
Jason Freeny

Outstanding Production
"False Friends (In Pain Edition)" by Coarse Toys

Best Customizer
Doktor A

Best Mini Series
"Tic Toc Apocalypse" by Amanda Visell

Best Self Produced
"Hermees" by Gary Ham

Best Collaboration
"Trouble Boys" by Ferg x Brandt Peters

Best Licensed Product
"Super Shogun Stormtrooper" by Super7

Best Plush Design
"Plunk and Pop Lion" by Anna Chambers

Best Functional Toy
"Mimobot" by Mimoco

Best 1/6th Scale
"Playge Rat" by Ferg
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