Thursday, September 1, 2011

David Horvath 36” Bossy Bear Qee

Toy2R - David Horvath 36” Bossy Bear Qee

Yesterday, the third figure in Toy2R’s upcoming 36" Artist Qee Collection was officially revealed, and was there any doubt David Horvath’s 36 inch Qee design would be his popular Bossy Bear? At this point Bossy Bear has been produced in just about every size imaginable, from his original 4" vinyl figure to his 12" Monster Bossy Bear series. But The Blot’s pretty sure he’s never been like this before!

Standing a gigantic 3 feet tall, David Horvath’s Bossy Bear XL Scale Qee has a limited edition run size of just 36 pieces and will retail for $2,800. While the limited edition nature of these 36” Qees is quite impressive, I’m dying to know how well they’ve been selling with such a steep price tag. I have to imagine no store is just blindly pre-ordering these, and any purchases made placed at this point are by the artists’ diehard collectors. But either way I have to commend Toy2R for producing such an ambitious series!
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