Friday, September 9, 2011

DrilOne’s “Greetings from Hell” Solo Art Exhibit at Dragatomi

DrilOne “Greetings from Hell” Solo Art Exhibit at Dragatomi Flyer

This Saturday, September 10th (that’s 9.10.11 to the cool kids), Dragatomi will be hosting DrilOne’s all new solo show “Greetings from Hell”. As an artist, DrilOne has mastered the art of elemental wear and corrosion, transforming plastic, vinyl and wood into corroded metal before our very eyes! And while he’s not the first to master this style (Mother Nature is also proficient at it), Drils has definitely taken it and made it a style all his own.

“Greetings from Hell” Solo Art Exhibit - Custom Vinyl Figures by DrilOne

DrilOne has pulled out all the stops for his upcoming solo custom figure art show. His works will feature his rusty style on several different platforms, from 3” and 8” Dunnys to a 16” Custom Toyer Qee. He has even customized an antique inspired sign and a vintage radio! The “Greetings from Hell” opening reception is this Saturday, September 10th at 7 pm and will continue to run until October 1st at Dragatomi in Sacramento, CA.
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