Friday, September 30, 2011

Mama Sama Iro Korudo Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

ESC Toy - Mama Sama Iro Korudo Resin Figure by Erick Scarecrow

October's Secret Release from ESC Toy is so beautiful I almost want to just post the picture and let it talk for itself. That clear tinted resin just looks amazing doesn’t it? The Mama Sama Iro Korudo is the 3rd colorway in the Mama Sama collection. The 6" figure comes with two removable accessories (one spear and wings), comes hand painted and signed and numbered by Erick Scarecrow, and has a limited edition run size of 10 pieces. The Iro Korudo colorway goes on sale sometime mid-October via the ESC Toy online store and retails for $250 (with $1 shipping and handling).

Mama Sama Iro Korudo’s Official Story: After defeating the Pearly Guardian, Mama Sama was disappointed with her spoils and decided to go home. She had grown an appetite from the battle and decided to head to a local 24 hour convenience store that was next to a closed down dungeon. Upon entering the shop, Mama Sama noticed it was empty and not even the cashier was present. She left lonely and went aisle to aisle until she stumbled upon a gang of Turtum Miccis. They had tied the cashier up and were struggling with trying to open a large magically locked safe. When they noticed Mama Sama they quickly surrounded her. The gang of Turtum Miccis began to hum and the sound deafened Mama Sama. The humming had changed the appearance of Mama Sama and made her obey every command they gave. Once she opened the safe for them, the Turtum Miccis anxiously reviewed its contents. It wasn't money and it wasn't a commissioned S.Maria, instead it was a file on a dangerous Papa Sama called... the Jelly Swordsman.
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