Monday, October 17, 2011

Courageous Spear Boy Custom Dunny by Huck Gee

Courageous Spear Boy Custom 8 Inch Dunny by Huck Gee

Meet Courageous Spear Boy, the newest custom 8” Dunny from Huck Gee! Continuing his Gold Life series, Courageous Spear Boy looks ready to take on an army. In honor of this courageous warrior Huck has even created a little ode: "Courageous little spear boy. Going off to fight the big fight. Gonna make his mama proud. Courageous little spear boy. Doesn't know what he's in for. His armor plate. His pointy stick. His wooden hat. Gonna grow up and be a big samurai some day. Courageous little spear boy."

Courageous Spear Boy by Huck Gee comes signed, numbered and includes all of the accessories seen above. 10 figures were created in all, each retailing for $650. This set will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. So all interested should definitely email immediately. These actually dropped last week so there’s a good chance they’re already spoken for, but it’s always worth a shot!
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