Monday, October 17, 2011

NYCC '11 - The Avengers Mini Mighty Muggs 2 Packs

The Avengers Mini Mighty Muggs 2 Packs - Captain America vs Red Skull & Iron Man vs Iron Monger

When Hasbro announced they would be continuing their Marvel Comics Mini Mighty Muggs toy line The Blot thought it was kind of a joke. 1-2 releases at SDCC and NYCC isn’t really continuing a line when a majority of Mighty Muggs fans can’t get their hands on the figures. So you can imagine my surprise when Hasbro announced at New York Comic-Con 2011 that a new line of Avengers Mini Muggs 2 packs would be seeing a wide release next in conjunction with next summer’s The Avengers live action movie. This is pretty awesome news even if the four heroes are just repaints from last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con 2011 exclusive Avengers box set.

The Avengers Mini Mighty Muggs 2 Packs - Thor vs Loki & Hulk vs Abomination

Hasbro will be producing four The Avengers Mini Mighty Muggs Sets, with each 2 pack featuring one super hero and one villain. They are Captain America vs Red Skull, Iron Man vs Iron Monger, Thor vs Loki, and Hulk vs the Abomination. I love the idea of each set including an Avenger and their archenemy, I just wish there was a bigger difference between this release and the SDCC box set. The Captain America and Hulk Mini Muggs are almost identical to the previous release. I’ve seen no word yet on when these figures will be hit store shelves, but as soon as I hear something I’ll be sure to post that information here!
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