Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kidrobot x Skullcandy Headphone Collection

Kidrobot x Skullcandy Headphone Collection - Jacked-Up 3” Chrome Dunny, Kidrobot Mix Master Headphones, Kidrobot Agent Headphones

Kidrobot is on a tear lately with high profile collaborations…first Swatch and now Skullcandy! The new Kidrobot x Skullcandy collaboration, where high fidelity sound meets beautiful design. Beginning December 2nd, Kidrobot fans can rock their ‘bot with the Kidrobot Agent and Kidrobot Mix Master Skullcandy headphones.

Kidrobot x Skullcandy Headphone Collection - Jacked-Up 3” Chrome Dunny

Sleek in black and chrome, the Kidrobot Mix Master is limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide, and is accompanied by an exclusive chrome 3” Jacked-Up Dunny with a decorative jack in its face. The Kidrobot Mix Master and Jacked-Up Dunny comes packaged in a protective pressure-formed collapsible road case and retails for a whopping $299.99! The more affordable option is the blue and white with a pop of magenta Kidrobot Agent headphones, which retail for $59.95.

Both options will be available for purchase next month at Kidrobot retail stores, and specialty Skullcandy locations worldwide.
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