Friday, November 4, 2011

Pinocchio Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Mondo x Sideshow Collectibles Disney Classic Cartoon Series - Pinocchio Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Today we get not one, but two new prints from Mondo and Sideshow Collectibles in their Disney Classic Cartoon Series by Tom Whalen. First up is Pinocchio, which also happens to be one of The Blot’s favorite Disney animated feature films. This 1940 cartoon is truly a timeless classic, and Whalen did an amazing job capturing Pinocchio’s youthful exuberance. I also love the composition of this print and subdued color scheme. This is definitely one print that could look awesome one anyone’s walls.

Pinocchio by Tom Whalen is a 24”x36” screen print, it has a limited edition run size of 400 pieces and will retail for $50. This classic Disney movie poster goes on sale at the Mondo online store today, Friday, November 4th, at a random time.
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