Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rainbow Custom Mummy Boy by D-LuX

Super7 - Rainbow Custom Mummy Boy Vinyl Figure by D-LuX

As you all know, Super7 is currently holding a “Design Your Own Mummy Boy” custom contest where the winner gets their design turned into a production figure. Honestly, after seeing this figure the contest should be canceled, because this custom Rainbow Mummy Boy absolutely kills!!! Now The Blot hasn’t seen anyone else’s design yet and sadly D-LuX won’t be submitting this to the contest, but how sick are the colors and fades on this Mummy Boy!?! D used seven colors in all (metallic red, orange, yellow, green, teal, blue and purple), topped off with gobs of color change flake and high gloss paint all on metallic silver vinyl.

I really wish Black Friday hadn’t just come and gone, because otherwise I totally would have scooped up this sick one of a kind custom figure. Lucky for the rest of you, this seven color Rainbow Mummy Boy is still available for purchase from the D-LuX online store for $100. Someone needs to buy this immediately to save me from temptation.
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