Monday, December 12, 2011

Fringe 100% Be@rbrick

Be@rbrick Series 23 - Fringe 100% Be@rbrick by Medicom

The Blot was super excited to find out Medicom had acquired the license for FOX's Fringe and would be including the TV show in its upcoming Be@brick Series 23. Fringe is one of my favorite shows on television, and I had high expectations for this blind boxed 100% Be@rbrick. But now that I’ve seen the figure it’s kinda disappointing! It’s cool that they used one of the show’s trademark symbols/glyphs from its now debunked cipher, but isn’t it missing the all important yellow dot?

Plus, including its name on the left leg is kinda taking the easy way out right? I mean where’s the creativity! They didn’t do that with Twin Peaks’ generic looking Agent Dale Cooper. I’d be ok with the logo on the figure’s back, but including it in the front is kind of like waving the white flag and admitting the blue hand print isn’t enough on its own to draw a connection to the TV show. I do have to give Medicom props for trying though. Between this and the Twin Peaks Be@rbricks, Medicom is doing a great job tying in to some of my all time favorite sci-fi TV shows. Any guess as to what could be next?

Be@rbrick Series 23 is out now in Japan, and should be making its way stateside in the next few months.
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