Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Bit Pink GID Mummy Boy by Super7

A Little Bit Pink Glow in the Dark Mummy Boy Vinyl Figure by Super7

As you all know The Blot is a huge Mummy Boy fan and Super7’s newest colorway has me written all over it! It combines two of my favorite colors of vinyl, pink and glow in the dark, into a stunning new Mummy Boy that’s definitely needs to join my collection. But why oh why is this coming out so close to the Holidays when The Blot has no toy money!

A Little Bit Pink, this Mummy Boy isn't a bit shy as he's got a glowing personality. The mascot of Super7, Mummy Boy lost his arm (and his mind) a long time ago, but he doesn't care - he's just happy to be here. The Little Bit Pink GID Mummy Boy is cast in glow in the dark vinyl with pink sprays and will retail for $50 each. This pink/GID Mummy Boy will go on sale this Friday, December 16th at Noon PST at the Super7 online store.
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